I was securiting my Box ,,,and then i used to have alex on wheel group so i su to root, but i modify and change su to antother group and then i ,,, chmod o-xr /bin/su and chmod g-xy /bin/su ...no now i cannot login ..from my terminal or from my boz, i dont hace root enabled mark as insecure, soo ...if i try su from alex ...no more, and if i try loging from machine keyboard no permit from root! ...so plz helpme log ing as root? ...i mess up my box and am crying ...no logging from terminal or from sisical been there ion machine keyboard, can you help????

I think everyone securing a box has been running into this kind of problem and thought "Hmm, that is a little bit too secure :)"

The only way I see out of this, is rebooting into single user mode, and fixing the problems from there.

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