Forrest Aldrich asked on Mon Jan 26, 2004:

> I'm working with mod_perl-1.x *current* on FreeBSD-4.9.
> For some time, I've had some difficulty getting this lot to work
> as an OBJ (non-DSO).  During the compile, I get a slew of
> Dynaloader-related errors in the linking process.
> So today, I tried testing the compile using the SYSTEM perl
> and the compile completed fine, without any errors.
> It sounds to me like Dynaloader is not being compiled correctly in this
> configuration - that's all I can take a guess at.
> I wonder if anyone else has had this problem with FreeBSD-4.x and
> mod_perl.  There must be a way to correct this.

What do you mean by 'using the SYSTEM perl' - did you uninstall the port,
change the environment, or do something else?

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