On Sunday 25 January 2004 08:45 pm, Matt Emmerton wrote:

> As for your "subscriber opt-out", this is easy to do.  When SpamAssassin
> runs, it creates a ~/.spamassassin directory in each user's homedir
> account. In here there is a file called "user_prefs", which contains
> per-user configuration.  To disable SpamAssassin for their account, you can
> just change "required_hits" to a huge value, like 1000 or something that
> won't catch anything.  This effectively disables SpamAssassin for their
> account. (Well, all incoming mail will get filtered, so you'll still get
> the performance hit.  There's probably a better way for now, but this will
> get you started.)  You can create a CGI script that can edit this file, or
> have your postmaster@ handle user requests to opt-out manually.


I wasn't expectinga  walk through, but I greatly appreciate it!  Thanks a lot!  
As for the subscriber opt-out, isn't it as simple as creating a .procmailrc 
file in each users home directory to disable filtering, since it goes through 

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