Just bought a Pioneer DVD drive. I hook the DVD drive
up, go to the bios and set everything to *defaults*
and make sure that *ATAPI CD-ROM drive* is set to the
first bootable device. I don't know why it says
ATAPI-CD-ROM drive. Shouldn't it say DVD cause I
replaced the cdrom with the dvd-rom? Well, after I do
that I reboot the system of course thinking it's gonna
boot my os and pick up the drive. Nope! I get a weird

acd0: MODE_SENCE_BIG command timeout - resetting
ata1: resetting devices .. done

I will keep doing that and doing that over and over.
Finally it will load the OS but the DVD drive will not
work. Currently I just hooked the cdrom drive back up
for now but want to put this $60 drive to some use ya
know? Don't know much about hardware. Some help is
really apprecaited. Thanks.

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