Lines prefixed with ">" are what Chirhart, Brian wrote.

>Ed - that worked great... Thanks!!
>I am not sure what I did, but it worked.
>What language is that script in?  It isn't perl - is it C?

No, it's a simple bourne script. If you put "bourne shell scripting" into 
Google, you will get tutorials and information.

You could write an rc.d script in perl if you wanted to. The scripts in /usr/
local/etc/rc.d need to match the following rules in order to be executed at 
system startup/shutdown:

(taken from the rc man page)

o   Scripts are only executed if their basename(1) matches the shell
         globbing pattern *.sh, and they are executable.  Any other files or
         directories present within the directory are silently ignored.
     o   When a script is executed at boot time, it is passed the string
         ``start'' as its first and only argument.  At shutdown time, it is
         passed the string ``stop'' as its first and only argument.  All rc.d
         scripts are expected to handle these arguments appropriately.  If no
         action needs to be taken at a given time (either boot time or shut-
         down time) the script should exit successfully and without producing
         an error message.
     o   The scripts within each directory are executed in lexicographical
         order.  If a specific order is required, numbers may be used as a
         prefix to the existing filenames, so for example would be
         executed before; without the numeric prefixes the opposite
         would be true.

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>Lines prefixed with ">" are what Chirhart, Brian wrote.
>>>> point is password protected (on the XP side) so I am prompted for a
>>>> password.  How can I automate that?  Or should I create the share
>>>> password?  I am not too worried about internal security so the share
>>>> have no password and that would be fine.
>>>Create a script called, chmod +x 755 and put that
>>>script in a /usr/local/etc/rc.d.
>>>Put the following lines in that script
>>>smbmount username=user password=pass and the rest of the parametars that
>>>are normaly using when mounting smb partition.
>>>Mind that if your startup script for samba is your mounting
>>>must start with a letter after the letter s otherwise you would mounting a
>>>samba share without smb daemon started.
>>When I try the smbmount I get a "command not Found"
>>I checked the man pages on mount and found mount_smbfs, but I can not find
>>any options that would allow me to specify a username and password.
>>I am not using Samba (at least I didn't load it... may be there by
>>default???) - To map the drive I have a line in my /etc/fstab file that
>># Device                      #Mountpoint     FSType  OPtion
>>//[EMAIL PROTECTED]/share     /ftproot        smbfs   rw.nosuto       0       0
>>Once the server boots, I type "mount /ftproot" and then it asks me for the
>>password for User.  After the password is entered, /ftproot contains the
>>contents of the share on my XP system.  It was one of the things that I
>>in love with about BSD - the ability to "see" XP shares with no special
>>So anyway - I think there are several different approaches to this.  Can I
>>modify my fstab file so that "auto" would work by somehow specifing a
>>password?  Or is there a password option that I am missing in the mount or
>>mount_smbfs commands?  OR...  is there a reason I don't have the smbmount
>You are on the right track; it took me a while to figure this one out too.
>You've got your /etc/fstab file set up correctly. This is how the line for
>looks, it's just like yours.
>//[EMAIL PROTECTED]/SHARE      /mnt/chaos      smbfs   rw,noauto       0       0
>To specify your username and password for the mount, you should create
>/etc/nsmb.conf  the syntax for this file is shown in
>Here is an example from my machine:
>Finally, to mount on bootup, create a file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d with the
>following contents (or something similar; you probably didn't name your
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] more /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
>#! /bin/sh
>case "$1" in
>        start)
>                echo "  Mounting CHAOS..."
>                mount /mnt/CHAOS &>2
>                ;;
>        stop)
>                echo "  Unmounting CHAOS..."
>                umount /mnt/CHAOS &>2
>                ;;
>Also, I make sure my /etc/nsmb.conf file is owned by root and chmod'ed 600
>because it contains a password in plaintext.
>Don't forget to make sure that your file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d is chmodded
>least 700 so that it's executable by, at the very least, the owner (should
>I hope this is clear enough to make some sense to you.
>>Thank you for all your help!
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