On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Kent Stewart wrote:

> On Sunday 16 November 2003 08:17 am, Jackie S. McCracken wrote:
> > I'm trying to build a Dell 1750 with 5.1.  After the kern and mfsroot
> > floppies have loaded and the system starts to come up it reports an
> > unrecognized chip set then once I try to run the ftp utility to load a
> > minimum configuration it cannot see the NIC interface i.e. it's not part of
> > the choices for the download.  The system came with a driver disk for the
> > Broadcom NIC which is a 5704 gigabit interface but it only has drivers for
> > Windows, Linux, and some other OS's but nothing for FreeBSD.  According to
> > the Dell info it is a ServerWorks GC LE Chipset with 2:1 memory
> > interleaving.  How do I get the system to run?  I need to get it up and
> > running ASAP.

The driver for the bge 5704 was introduced shorty before 4.9-Prerelease.

So you have to upgrade your sources, so that basically the bge driver
knows about the particular different pci id of the 5704 chip.

I had 4-stable on it, so I installed 4.8-R, put in a 3com 905 (which was
lying around, any 3.3V-Card will do) and cvsup'ed to 4.9-pre.

After make world anything was fine, and i pulled the 3com.

I don't know about 5.1, if tracking releng_51 will do the job.

Or you take the relevant pieces of the bge driver from -current, merge
them into your sources for 5.1.
I never did it, so YMMV.


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