On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 09:59:07AM -0500, Marty Landman wrote:
> Trying to verify a d/l before compiling:
> Swami: md5 -s 466c63bb71b710d20a5c353df8c1a19c /tmp/httpd-2.0.48.tar.gz
> MD5 ("466c63bb71b710d20a5c353df8c1a19c") = 017b97dd023763b82a219bdfedd5cc29
> MD5 (/tmp/httpd-2.0.48.tar.gz) = 466c63bb71b710d20a5c353df8c1a19c
> Swami:
> By eyeballing the first part of line1 against the second part of line 2 
> they appear equal so I guess my d/l's integrity is intact. What is the more 
> automated way to do this though, so that I get a line at the end saying 
> "ok" or "ah, phooey". Or am I supposed to extract and diff these myself?

md5 -s "some string" will give you the md5 hash of "some string" --
it's not what you want.

You need to run:

    md5 httpd-2.0.48.tar.gz

and then compare that output to the distinfo file in the www/apache2

    % cat distinfo 
    MD5 (apache2/httpd-2.0.48.tar.gz) = 466c63bb71b710d20a5c353df8c1a19c
    MD5 (apache2/powerlogo.gif) = 0f106073b3c7844cf22d4df126b27c62

Yup.  You've got the correct httpd-2.0.48.tar.gz sources.

Of couse, you don't have to do this by hand.  It's done automatically
as part of building the port.



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