I wrote:

> I'm trying to bring up the target-mode interface on a QLogic 2300 FC
> card.   ...
> What I do not have is  /dev/targ0, /dev/targ1, etc.  They are simply not
> being created.  This is 5.2, so they should just be there, no?  I will be
> grateful for any help you can give me in finding out why, and getting them
> started.  

To my astonishment, after tracing some things in the driver, I see that the
devices aren't created UNTIL they are opened!  This is not the behavior I
expected, to say the least.

I'm having other problems with target mode, and with the sample program

First, although  camcontrol devlist -v  does show a target on the bus,
the other side of the FC loop isn't seeing  it.  Second, when I send it
the DEL signal, it doesn't shut down.  It hangs on an IOCTL (TARGIOCDISABLE)
and I have traced the stoppage (via printf()s in the driver, UGH!) to
scsi_target.c: abort_all_pending(), which waits (presumably) on what it
has aborted.  Now I'm trying to figure out what that was.

As before, any help will be welcome.

    Mark Terribile

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