Hi -
        I have an EBS-1569PS system...


... that has an onboard compact flash slot.  The BIOS sees the card as
ad2.  It's also got a hard drive in there that I've installed 4.9 on.

I'm getting random lockups while writing to that flash card.  Here's what
I'm doing:

fdisk -BI ad2
disklabel -Bw ad2s1 auto
disklabel -e ad2s1 (creating a single a partition)
newfs /dev/ad2s1a
mount /dev/ad2s1a /mnt
setenv DESTDIR /mnt
cd /path/to/4.9-RELEASE/bin
sh install.sh

This then copies over all those files onto /mnt.  Sometimes it works fine,
but most of the time I get a complete lockup somewhere through the
process.  Never happens at the same file, never happens at the same time
(sometimes very early, sometimes very late).

No logs.  Can't ping.  CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work. Nothing.

I'm going to go buy another flash card and give that a try since maybe
I've just got a bad one, but if anyone has any other ideas (like perhaps
the computer hardware is just broken when it comes to writing to that
flash card) I'd appreciate hearing about it before I tear all my hair out.


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