Good Morning.
I would like to ask about on networking using ipfilter on two different box both 
FreeBSD 5.1 operating system. I have 3 Static IP's that i would like to use. here is 
may network diagram:
[ internet ] -> [ modem ] -> [ Firewall ] -> [ HUB ] -> [ Webserver ]
Note: On Firewall, NIC1 - the IP is (Gateway =, NIC2 -
         On Webserver, NIC1 =
How that webserver can access to the internet or how that webserver accessible to the 
internet if the Webserver's Gateway is the Firewall? because my old configuration 
using ipnat, I used "bimap" but on that configuration, the webserver can't access by 
the local networks, but it is accesssible outside.
Thank you and More Power.
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