On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 01:30:17AM -0800, Ryan Merrick wrote:

> Hi,
> Your problem is that all 4 of your bootable partitions are used on linux.

Hello Ryan and others!

In the first place I want to thank you for your reply!

Yesterday night I tried the 4.9 - CD-ROM on my Pentium III (this is my
second PC which is the router of my little network). I noticed that on
this computer the hard disk is recognized (of course I didn't do an
install because it is my router to the internet ;) and just have seen
that on the Pentium III not all the primary partitions are being used.

So I think you're right! I am encouraged now to remove the first primary
partition on my Pentium 4 (GoodBye Fedora Linux! :) and give FreeBSD the
oppurtunity to fill this partition with it's stuff! 

I hope that I will succeed the next hours and let you know about it!

With many regards!

Ben Koopmanschap

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> -Ryan Merrick
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