On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 01:19:40PM -0500, fbsd_user wrote:
> Friend
> Your box is maxed out, and sysinstall is having hard time of
> matching the PC's bios to what is really connected to the ide
> controllers. Open up your box and unplug any slave HD on the primary
> ide controller. Reconfigure the secondary ide controller so there is
> only the cdrom drive on the master nipple. Check out the ide devices
> jumpers so they are jumpered as master and not cs for cable select.
> Go into your PCs bios and disable plug-n-play options, power
> managerment options, set all ide controller options to auto, if you
> have operating system type option, set it to other or just not
> ms/windows, set all pci options to auto. Only use FBSD utilities on
> the target HD.
> After the install completes and you are satisfied with your FBSD
> system, then reconnect one ide drive at an time and reboot fbsd to
> verify it does not effect it running.
> Good luck

Hi fbsd_user and all the others!

In the first place I want to thank you for your detailed advice!

I think this will going to help me, but I have decided to wait till the
next weekend with changing my Hard Disk from primary slave to primary
master. Reason: at this moment (and it will last for the next few days)
it is pretty cold and dry in the air, tomorrow it will be nearly
freezing and they except some snow here in The Netherlands. So the
weather conditions are not optimal for opening PC boxes; I won't risk
damaging sensible objects with static electricity (if you know what I
mean). Next weekend warmer and less dry weather is to be expected, so
then I will work further at this problem. Of course you can expect a
message from me when I changed my hard disk as master.

By the way, my Pentium III has the hard disk connected as primary IDE
Master, there I didn't have the problem with Sysinstall.

Strange though that the store I bought my PC from did connect the hard
disk as primary slave, although it is the only hard disk I have in my
pentium 4... It isn't logical, eh? At the other hand, it has to be said
that Linux and also Windows don't have problems with such a hardware

But, anyway, I let you know how this story continues hopely very soon!

Thanks a lot!

With regards,

Ben Koopmanschap
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