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> Hi everyone,
>               I am having a problem with a gateway I am building for a friend. I have
> initially set the box up on my home network and have set this box to use my
> gateway temporarily while I fetch some ports etc. Now that I have removed it
> from my network, and edited /etc/rc.conf to set it up to act as a gateway,
> it STILL sets the default route to my old gateway. I cant find any config
> file that says "add default route" or anything. I have not set defaultroute
> in /etc/rc.conf, and it is set to "NO" in /etc/defaults/rc.conf!
> If I use /stand/sysinstall to configure the interface, I notice that there
> is a value already there for the ipV4 gateway (my gateway). deleting this
> here does not work. There must be a file somewhere that I have not seen
> causing me the trouble. Please help!

AFAIK the only place you need to make changes is /etc/rc.conf then
either reboot or sh /etc/netstart and you should be good to go.  You
could manually add that route though whilst the machine is up, 
# route add default 192.168.X.X and that should be OK too. what is the
output of netstat -rn   ?



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