On Tuesday 27 January 2004 11:25 pm, Jer wrote:
> Dear all
> I currently have a /etc/procmailrc file to send all my mail though a filter
> :0 wf
> :
> |/usr/local/sbin/renattach
> But I have one user that asked me to exclude him from the filtering
> I was just wondering how I would write that?
> THanks
> Jer

I'm just learning about procmail; so be wary of my advice:

First, are you **sure** you want to make an exception?

If you're allowing the users to decide whether/how their email should be 
filtered, you can copy the procmailrc file to .procmailrc in each user's home 
directory.  (You could even create a dot file in /usr/share/skel/ for future 
users.)  You can then modify or delete that user's .procmailrc.

Another option may be to add a delivering recipe to the top of the procmailrc 
file that delivers the specific user's mail unchanged.

Best regards,

Andrew Gould

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