I was out-of-pocket yesterday, so I may have missed a lot.

Today I have been noticing no CTM deltas have arrived on the FTP sites
(including vmunix) since late Monday 26 Jan. 2004.
And then I tried to catch-up by browsing the Mail Archives today, to
find it hasn't been updated since then, too, except for some old
junky msgs.
The ctm-announce archive does show a msg about the CTM site being
down, before the archives themselves stopped updating.
My e-mail subscriptions are coming thru okay, tho, except for CTMs.

Did the sites get hit by the winter storm in NE US?

Is there an ETA as to when things will work again?

Could someone whip-up a webpage/link on the main site to post the
status if it'll be long, please?

Thank you, and sorry if this is the 10^Nth msg you received.

I've sent this msg to
Not sure who-else I should ask.

  --  Paul Seniura
      System Specialist
      State of Okla. D.O.T.

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