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> Bit of a newb question here:
> I've got a pretty standard install of postfix, and am trying to follow the
> directions in this web page:
> http://advosys.ca/papers/postfix-instance.html
> Everything is pretty crystalline until I get to the line that says:
> "To create a startup script for the second instance, either edit your
> existing Postfix startup script and add the above command (postfix -c
> /etc/postfix-out start) after the existing postfix start command, or copy
> the existing startup script to a new name and change the copy."
> The author goes on with examples from Redhat and Debian, but I am not sure
> where to place the above command.
> I'm leaning toward putting it in /etc/rc.conf, but that just doesn't quite
> feel right. Nor does just sticking the line in /etc/rc.
> Help much appreciated.
> Kurt

I would be inclined to examine /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ and stuff something
in there or in rc.local  

See how you go with those two for starters.



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