I've been using Linux for about 7 years. At the
beginning the Linux community was still very small and
very little people ever heard about it or even knew
what is was. Many people called me crazy/stupid/dumb
because I wasn't using Windows and told me I would
never find a job as a programmer. Now everyone
suddenly thinks I'm cool :S and ask if I could install
Linux for them.

All these years I've seen Linux grow. I helped people
on IRC while more and more users were coming with
their questions. Yesterday I decided to go back to the
IRC channel, after about 4 years, to ask a question
about USB (I'm not really into USB). What happened
really turned me off. They called me "a troll", that I
should "go back to Windows", I'm "too dumb to use
Linux" and because I told them "I've been on this
channel even before you began using Linux" they kicked
me off. This is 1 of the many examples.

It may sound weird, but because of what the Linux
community has become I would like to try and switch
some of my systems over to FreeBSD. First I have some
questions about what to expect:

Is there any alternative for Shorewall? If not, would
it be wise to port it to FreeBSD?

Is FreeBSD using PAM by default? Will the combination
of pam_ldap + nss_ldap + OpenLDAP work?

Can FreeBSD resolve reverse dependecies? Is there
something to clean up orphan dependecies?

Does FreeBSD have something like SYSV modules (just
asking, of course there's kill)?

How well does DRM/DRI work in FreeBSD?

Is it possible to PXE boot the FreeBSD installation
and install from the network (without setting up NFS)?

Are there any recommendations for managing a hosting
server? Software? Configurations?

These were all question for now. I hope the story at
the beginning wasn't too much and didn't violate the
rules of this forum.

Thank you,
Mike Machuidel ;)

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