Hello. I wish to see all the files in some pathes in a string.

Say, I wish to list all files in $PATH and manpath(1)

What I can think of is to use #manpath | sed "s/:/ /g" |xargs ls
(This is useful when auto-completing man command in a shell, say, csh).

This works, but the command is wrong when a path contain a space in it.

I think a better way is to replace ":" with \000, the "NULL". In this way I can use "xargs -0" to pass all pathes to ls(1)
#manpath | sed s/:/\000/g" |xargs -0 ls

Only I don't know how to let sed(1) understand \000 is the actual ascii code 0 not the string "000".

Any hints? Thank you very much.

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