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2. Figure out what configuration option you chose that requires "gds.1" as a dependency, and build PHP *without* it ....

Good luck,

Kevin Kinsey

That option, BTW, appears to be the one for "InterBase". Trying not checking InterBase in the options screen when you are asked what you want to support.


>ZZerver ZZserver wrote:
>Thanks ...i finaly make it work!! ...hehe .. i want to point out some thing on your ports ...
>when i did ...
>cd /usr/ports/lang/php4
>make clean <--because i got a mess, soo i clean up.
>make install
>and then from menu not choose ...
>FIREBIRD support, TDS, SYBaseAB, sybaseCT, those starting with 'Y' and Zip everything went smoothtly >may concider update this port not to reglect thos uncompatible suport files; now am almost ready with my >server, i already have 100 clientes on my shells and growing fast; am soo happy and thankfully to you guys, >nice work ...yahooo!

>[EMAIL PROTECTED] finally did it! O_o

They aren't exactly *my* ports, and you didn't reply to the list, so I don't think your message will mean much; but, I am glad that you are now up and running.

I don't think that you bothered to take my advice
about upgrading your ports tree.  PHP builds nicely
with almost any configuration option you choose
provided the tree is up-to-date.  I rebuilt PHP a week
ago, and my ./configure includes both a "Y" and "Zip"....

'--enable-yp' '--with-zip=/usr/local'


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