I've been trying for longer than I care to admit to get a non-gui FreeBSD
server working with Tomcat.  Now I have FreeBSD 4.9 Stable, Diablo JDK 1.3.1,
and I'm trying to install Tomcat 4 or 5 from ports, but every time I try it, I
get a core dump from java every time I restart the computer.

I've set the java environment variable:

Did I miss something obvious in installation?  Have I chosen a combination of
versions that won't work together?

Below is a running commentary on the most recent things I've tried, my
installation procedure, etc., so you can see if I'm doing something
fundamentally wrong.  The detail may seem odd to you because I was thinking of
writing my experience as a guide for other newbies trying to do the same. 
Here's the commentary:

Installing Java and Tomcat on FreeBSD 4.9:
(Tomcat naturally expects diablo Java, so that's what I'll install.)
Once you've switched to 5.x, or if you use a shell other than csh (or
compatible, like the default tcsh) See the FreeBSD manual at 

check for old javas on the FreeBSD Computer:
cd /usr/local
In my case there was a bad install of diablo-jdk1.3.1 there.
First, uninstall it using ports:
cd /usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk1.3.1
make deinstall
Then see if there's anything left of the original install:
cd /usr/local
I found some leftovers from Java, so I removed the directory:
rm -dfr diablo-jdk1.3.1

remove apache if it's there.  (They're supposed to work together, but I'm
having trouble, so I removed it as a precaution.) First check packages:
if it's there, it might not tell you the version, but if it's up to date, just
find the newest version in ports:
cd /usr/ports/www
ls ap*
cd apache21
make deinstall
receive message "unable to completely remove directory
'/usr/local/etc/apache2', so that's where it was.  Go there and remove the
cd /usr/local/etc
remaining file was "original-httpd.conf" which means I modified httpd.conf in
the directory to make apache work.  I should have saved a copy of the modified
httpd.conf so that I'd know what to change if I installed it again.
rm -dfr apache2

Now, go get Java:
cd /usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk13
receive instructions to fetch the distribution manually
Open browser on other computer and access
save the file to cd, put the cd in the FreeBSD computer
mount_cd9660 /dev/acd0c /cdrom  (your cd mounting command may vary at
"/dev/???" depending on cd interface)
cd /usr/ports/distfiles
cp /cdrom/diablo-caffe*.* ./
Then unmount the cd:
umount /cdrom
Then go back to the port folder and build the port:
cd /usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk13
make install
cd /etc
vi csh.cshrc
go to bottom line, then open a new line with the following command:
cursor will jump to new line.  Now type:
setenv JAVA_HOME /usr/local/diablo-jdk1.3.1
follow the line with a carriage return, then save and exit.  Hit the Esc key,
then type:
then reboot and test it:
shutdown -r now
don't login yet.  Check the hard disk access light and see if it continues to
stay on after boot is complete.  If it does, you're getting a core dump.  Wait
until the light goes out and the core dump message displays.  If that happens,
it's not working yet.
Print the environment to be sure you got the variable there correctly:
(Now, you really should find some manual way to verify that Java works, like
creating a "hello world" application in java and running it, but remember
there's no web server at this point.)

Someone suggested:
mount -t linprocfs non /compat/linux/proc
But, I doubt that I need that for diablo.  I think it's supposed to be the
native mode java, which doesn't require linux compatibility.
Anyway, I get:
"No such file or directory"
as response to that.

Now install tomcat.  Go to the tomcat port:
cd /usr/ports/www
ls jak*
Look on the jakarta website and see what the status of these versions is.  Pick
a nice, stable version that works with the java you installed above, and
install it:
I'll try jakarta 5.0, and hope it's the right one for diablo jdk 1.3.1.
cd jakarta-tomcat5
make install
reboot to see if it will still core dump:
shutdown -r now

After restart, I received the message:
Jan29 08:20:47 www /kernel: pid 116 (java), uid 80: exited on signal 6 (core

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