Hi, I'm wanting to do a install via a serial console as I've only got one monitor, but I havent got any floppy drives here either..

Can the floppy procedure be used with a bootable cd, by just doing echo "/boot/loader -h" > /iso_dir/boot.config ?

.. and I'm really wanting to put /usr on a existing vinum volume, is this a feasable solution: add vinum_load="yes" and vinum_after="mkdir /raid; mount /dev/vinum/raid /raid;ln -s /raid/usr /usr" so allow /raid/usr to be used as /usr?

And the final question, after copying the files to my hardrive and editing them, how can I get the boot image for the cd onto the new cd - this can be done in either freebsd (or windows/nero - whatever is easiest)!

If there are any resources I have not found I would appreciate a link, otherwise any help is appreciated!

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