T Glaser wrote:

This website leads me to believe that this is an OS software package? I
don't know for sure though. What did I stumble across here? What are you
offering for free? Not real clear here on the website. If this is an OS do
you have any screen shots of what it looks like or is it command line?


OS being open source? Yes. Package? Nope. An "OS OS"... recently, FreeBSD celebrated it's tenth anniversary.

I'm curious, on the site, what's
not real clear?  Perhaps you were
expecting a hard sell?  This is a community
effort, and the site's not designed to
show off the product like some sites do,
IMHO.  It's designed to help you use the
Operating System...and to give information
for people who want to investigate it.

Are you familiar with Linux?  FreeBSD is
comparable, older, probably more stable, and
really better, in some folks opinions.  Matt Fuller's
rant at:


has recently been "slashdotted" and, well, we'll
have to see what comes up as a result.  Please
note that I don't think anyone in FBSD land is
"crusading" or starting a "jihad" against Linux ...
many of us use or have used one of the many
Linux distros available as well....

And, HTH: take a look at www.bsdforums.org.
There's a sticky thread in "FreeBSD General"
called "Post your screenshots of the BSD's..."
Should give you a better idea.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

I've heard that "familiarity breeds contempt";
and I'm pretty familiar with M$ Windows(r)....

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