Assuming that happened somehow, which is hard to believe because I scripted
the process and have upgraded this machine before, what can be done to fix
it?  Am I on the correct track with using a CD upgrade?

Should I run a dd and force a system from another box onto it?
I dont like the dd option because it requires I take the box offline and

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On Thursday 29 January 2004 02:54 pm, Michael Clark wrote:
> First off, this is not a hardware problem!  It crashes at the exact same
> spot over and over on multiple different commands.
> I had a 5.1 - 5.2 upgrade via cvsup that went terribly wrong.  The machine
> got rebooted and certain things would no longer work.  I cannot get a make
> world, or make buildworld to work.  Errors on on the mtree command with:
> mtree -deU -f /usr/src/etc/mtree/BSD.include.dist  -p
> /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include
> *** Signal 12
> When I try the line manually I get:
> bash-2.05b# mtree -deU -f /usr/src/etc/mtree/BSD.include.dist  -p
> /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include
> Bad system call (core dumped)
> I have tried brining in a new kernel and /usr/bin and /usr/src from
> machine.  The problems just seem to get worse
> Before we were only dumping on sendmail, now I have:

Did you by chance read /usr/src/UPDATING ?


        DO NOT make installworld after the buildworld w/o building and
        installing a new kernel FIRST.  You will be unable to build a
        new kernel otherwise on a system with new binaries and an old

Even better, tha handbook describes the process in detail down to single

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