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> Hi, this is a rather auxilary question but my curiosity overpowered my
> control. This is also more of a i386 specific question, but then again i'm
> not completely sure if FreeBSD handles it the same way on different
> machines.
> Does anyone on the list know what Ctrl+Alt+Delete does on a running
> machine?
> The funniest part of this question is that FreeBSD has never frozen on me,
> so that I could actually find out. I run it on my server systems, and i
> don't want to test it and then run the risk of ruining some drives.
> -rian

On 4.9, it does the same as a shutdown -r now or reboot does. Stops services
then reboots the system same as it does on a dos box.


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
TSG Incorporated

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