greg wrote:

I want to be able to dual boot into FreeBSD and Windows XP. Right now
FreeBSD is booting just fine.

Windows XP is on a FAT32 filesystem on the first primary partition of
the second hard drive. The second hard drive is the secondary master.

[.. snip ..]

Maybe there is another boot loader I could use that would allow me to
fool Windows XP into thinking it is the first hard drive?

I would use GRUB, but it does not support being installed on a UFS2
filesystem yet.

I actually did something similar -- if not exactly the same.. the best solution that I could come up with was to use BootIt NG ( to boot the system. That was the only of the approximately 15 solutions that I tried that worked.

Now, the PC in question is exclusively FreeBSD, so I don't have to worry about it.. but check out BootIt NG.. also, I'd be curious if anyone had any luck with other methods..

-- Kurt

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