I am a little unsure of what hardware to buy for this network.

_______ ______
| | | | ______
| A |----------------> | B |------------------> |__C_| ________
|______| |______| | | |--------->| D |
|<----------------| | |______ |
| |
| |
____|____ |_____
| | | |
| F | | E |
|_______ | |______|

A is my cable modem, b is a freebsd gateway/natd/bind/httpd server (lot's of stuff, but most of them don't get too many requests; the webserver is very small). I use natd's port redirection to give f and e the ability to be accessed from the internet via ssh and ftp. F is the main file server, while E holds other unrelated files and is also a bakcup server for F. E also does samba for another client i didn't put on there. D is an unrelated lan. You'll notice i have skipped c. This is because i don't know what to buy (router, switch, or hub). I think when you run natd it acts as a firewall (the data under the gateway needs to be protected), but is it enough to warrant not buying a router? I'm not sure how hubs or switches work. Thanks a lot (i hope someone has an answer becuase these stupid drawings took me like an hour).

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