I originally posted this question to the Apache list and was strongly encouraged to try here.

I have a FreeBSD 4.8 server running Apache 2.0.48a (installed from the ports). This server is dedicated to hosting files for download through http and ftp. 99.99% of the downloads occur through http. Our situation is we have a Win2K server with our primary website on IIS. There are ASP generated pages that provide links to the files on the FreeBSD/Apache server. The IIS links are done with a Response.Redirect "http://freebsdServer/dir/file.exe";. I don't know ASP so I'm a little clueless to the difference of this code compared to a standard html anchor with its href value set to this path/url.
The files on this server vary in size up to 150MB. The files are self extracting/install demos of some of our products. The problem is that every so often the large files become corrupted. We'll end up getting a call from a customer stating that after a couple of download attempts the installer file crashes. We'll go and grab the file ourselves through ftp/sftp and sure enough the file is no longer functional and we'll have to replace it with another copy.

I googled and searched the lists but have only found tips regarding speeding up http downloads, (reverting to the current Apache 1.3.x version).

Should I be using a database to store the file with it delivered through PHP scripts? Are there OS or Apache settings that I should have made to accommodate this purpose? (The config files are pretty plain vanilla).

Thank you for any suggestion,

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