I have a question for you experts and guru's. Have you ever used BSD on a Storigen device? I find when I try to boot the device into 5.1-RELEASE, after about 4 minutes, the device powers off and then restarts. I am getting no log messages, which means no APM interrupt is occuring. The device just "shuts off". The motherboard is a Tyan Thunder LE S2510, with Serverworks III. If an older, more production-secure OS would be better, I can do that, but would rather stand on the bleeding edge.

Now, the entire time, the LCD on the front is saying "Storigen \n booting...". That leads me to believe that this device, if it does not get a specific interface call to tell it that we've booted, will reset in another attempt to boot successfuly. Anybody used on of these with BSD?

Also, I'd also like to know if I can change that text, or even log to that LCD panel. A curious mind I have. Any ideas?

Joe Lewis

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