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Wondering if there is a way to configure BIND to automatically update a dynamic ip within your own dns? If not, can anyone recommend a good simple client?

Depends...are you talking about a DNS server that you're running? Google turns up this page as the first hit:

It's based on RedHat Linux, but the principle is the same and it looks
like it should be easy to FreeBSD-ize.

It is easily done with FreeBSD. I had it set up on a home network, doing DHCP to update the DNS with the hostname of the client when activated. That way, it was easier to network test certain devices. Do a "man bind" (I think that's the man page, can't recall for sure, but it is there somewhere).

This is assuming that you're talking about updating a BIND server that
you control; if you're talking about updating something like
"", or some other similar service, you'll want to
check with them to see what they recommend.

That is true. If you control BIND, the world is your playground. You might also want to take a look at SQLBIND, as it is BIND after being patched to run off of a database. That could open up more options if you wish.

Also my isp is roadrunner, and they say that they don't allow web services to be run on dynamic ips. Do they mean that they block the ports literally or does it just mean they frown upon it?

It means they aren't going to allow dynamic DNS updates to their DNS servers. I work for an ISP, and the last thing I want to do is open up the DNS for dynamic updates. That becomes a security nightmare.

Joe Lewis

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