On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 18:15, K Claussen wrote:

> I actually did something similar -- if not exactly the same.. the best 
> solution that I could come up with was to use BootIt NG 
> (http://www.bootitng.com/) to boot the system. That was the only of the 
> approximately 15 solutions that I tried that worked.
> Now, the PC in question is exclusively FreeBSD, so I don't have to worry 
> about it.. but check out BootIt NG.. also, I'd be curious if anyone had 
> any luck with other methods..

I did some research on Boot It. It is a Windows solution. The MBR would
load code/data off of an MS filesystem. This is not what I am looking
for, as BSD is my primary OS. I am looking for a BSD or GPL solution. 

> -- Kurt

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