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> Hello,
> After upgrading from 4.6-STABLE to 4.9-STABLE (religiously following the Handbook), 
> I could not login to a second or another ssh session. I still, however, have my 
> current connection to where I performed the make world steps. This is a REMOTE 
> machine and I do not want disconnect this current ssh session because of fear that I 
> may not get a successful ssh connection again.

First: did you run mergemaster?

I remember somewhere after 4.6 I was experiencing the same problem.
It had to do with the PAMification of ssh and caused sshd to refuse any
new connections. I believe killing the sshd parent process and restarting
it solved it for me, without losing my existing connection.
Just for cases like this I usually keep another ssh daemon running 
(usually the non-commercial version of www.ssh.org) on a nonstandard port
or I enable a thouroughly wrapped and firewalled telnetd, just in case.


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