Matthew Seaman wrote:

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 02:40:11PM -0600, Neal Hamilton wrote:

I am looking for a proxy server that has the following features.

1. multiple protocols .... http/s, socks 4/5, ftp, irc, nntp, smtp, etc... The ability to add plugins to support more protocols . You know what i mean,, may not be through protocols but somehow the ability to support more protocols if needed.

2. Authentication ..... Preferably i would like the proxy to be able to use my Openldap for authentication,, or maybe a radius ....but i must have authentication as i dont want some to have access at all and others access to certain protocols only.

3. scalable, fast

4. Opensrc.. :)

Ports: security/fwtk

        I think it does most of what you want... However it is a
toolkit: some assembly required, batteries not included.  See



Thanks matt for your help. Do you know what kind of auth. it can use? I already have a openldap setup for all my qmail users to auth. to and would like to use the same ldap server and maybe database if possible. I am trying to centralize all our authentication to ldap.
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