+> I'm almost new to freebsd about a few month now. 
Congratulations! It must have been an interesting month!!

+> It took me 
+> some while to learn how to customize my .cshrc file. I would 
+> like to switch to bash2 now. 
Nice! Good decision I think.
+> 1) I was wondering if there is a tool (from the ports 
+> collection) that can automatically convert my customized 
+> .cshrc to a .bashrc compatibel file (converting aliases, 
+> path stuff, prompt etc).

No, there isn't, that's almost certain. There's (normally) no call to do
that. If folks do change shells it's pretty rare I'd say,  unless they
(for example) change jobs and a new shell is forced on 'em and no
alternatives are available which would also be somewhat unusual and not
too sensible for an employer to do. I know that - under normal
circumstances - there's no way I'd change my shell, except at the point
of a gun. I know mine and don't have any in depth knowledge of others.
If I was forced into a change I'd google my face off for a week or two
and chsh on my home machine to get a feel for what differences I would
expect to experience.

Just google "sample .bashrc" that should yield something you can begin
with. The two aren't *that* different y'know, so don't get stressed
about it.
+> 2) Is there a skeleton (dot.bashrc) file somewhere I can 
+> download somewhere for bash, like the dot.cshrc.

As said above, Google is most assuredly your best friend in this

+> Many thanks

You're welcome though I wish I could have been of more actual help. Good
luck with your FreeBSD adventure. It sure is worth the time and effort
necessary to get things to the way you like 'em. 

Colin J. Raven

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