To whom it may concern,

I just want to let the bsd team know this has been a great OS and it is 
meeting my needs over that of other operating systems including windows which 
I was a software tester of W2k back in the late 90s. While your documentation 
is excellent and sometimes such subjects on google searches also provide 
answers I recently have stumbled across a irc chanell on efnet called 
#freebsdhelp. Been a good chanell so far but lately there is one op nick name 
"hideaway"  who has been a little on the rude side and has kicked some people 
or my self and not permited them to return to the chanell because of his 
fits. I have a log of  the events that led up to my being banned from the 
chanell and let me know if this is a employee that represent


James K 


<Leak-> you don't like sad?
<hideaway> he's too happy
<harryv> hideaway, mmmm that was not cool what did he ever do?
<harryv> so what?
<hideaway> he asked too many questions
??? Lori17 [EMAIL PROTECTED] has joined #FreeBSDHelp
<raistlin`> lol
<harryv> let me remind you this is freebsdhelp
<hideaway> OH WoW
<hideaway> THANKS!
??? mode/#FreeBSDHelp [+b [EMAIL PROTECTED] by hideaway
>>> You have been kicked off #FreeBSDHelp by hideaway (go join your fucking
          loser friend)
??? [#freebsdhelp] Banned from channel
freebsdhelp: No such nick/channel
??????---?--??-??????---?--??-?????????--- --  -
| hideaway ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) (unknown)

? ircname  : Pete Fritchman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>   <-- Does he work for 

? server   : (EarthLink, Inc.)

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