Hey folks,

Is it possible to redirect text from stdout to a variable?

I do something like this and get the output on the screen:

echo "Some Text to be Encrypted" | /usr/local/bin/gpg -a --always-trust --batch 
--no-secmem-warning -e -u "GPG Tester " -r "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"

Most sites advise to do something like this if using PHP:

$cmd = "echo $msg | $gpg --batch --no-secmem-warn --armor --home $home_dir \
 -u $fm --default-key $fm -r $to --encrypt --sign";

$message_body = `$cmd`;

mail($to,'Web Site Order',$message_body);

However, "safe mode" is on, and won't let me do it.  Any ideas?

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