Daniel Butler wrote:


I have an Intel S875WP1-E MOBO and two Seagate 120 gig drives. Every time I try to install FreeBSD, I can get to the part to partition drives but it doesn't find any! I went into BIOS and set it up for Legacy mode, but still no go. Anyone else seen this issue?

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I'm curious why you chose to enable "Legacy"
mode for *120* GB hard drives.  I'd be more
inclined to think that the drives are too big and
too new to be detected properly.

Does the BIOS report the drives?

Do other operating systems find the drives?

I suppose it's possible that the IDE/ATA controller
on the mobo is not supported by FreeBSD, but
I really doubt it.  As a third resort, check out
the hardware compatibility list at the web site.


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