Are you sure that there isn't anything else running? Why don't  you give us
an ps -ax output? I don't think there's a memory leak in 5.1, since I've
seen running 5.1 just fine on a PE2650 with 2 GB RAM. You shouldn't
rely on top too much acually. Vmstat is a better program when looking
at memory.


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Subject: Memory leak on 5.1-RELEASE?

> (I'm not a member of the list; please Cc me on any replies.)
> We're running Apache 1.3.28 on a 5.1-RELEASE machine. It's a Dell PE 2650
> w/ 2GB RAM. The site contains a lot of large files (multi-megabyte) -
> otherwise there's nothing unusual running.
> The Active memory use, according to top, seems rather high:
> last pid: 21487;  load averages:  0.19,  0.33,  0.32    up 2+16:45:20
> 76 processes:  1 running, 75 sleeping
> CPU states:  0.5% user,  0.0% nice,  4.0% system,  1.4% interrupt, 94.2%
> Mem: 1413M Active, 187M Inact, 299M Wired, 93M Cache, 112M Buf, 2632K Free
> Swap: 1024M Total, 21M Used, 1003M Free, 2% Inuse
> We can't seem to get the Active number down much, even after stopping
> Apache it still stays around 1100M. There's no shared memory in use, and
> nothing in vmstat -m seems to indicate where the "missing" memory is. top,
> sorting by "size", does not indicate anything unusual either.
> sysctl vm.vmtotal says:
> vm.vmtotal:
> System wide totals computed every five seconds: (values in kilobytes)
> ===============================================
> Processes:              (RUNQ: 1 Disk Wait: 0 Page Wait: 0 Sleep: 76)
> Virtual Memory:         (Total: 8172K, Active 636472K)
> Real Memory:            (Total: 2051312K Active 389176K)
> Shared Virtual Memory:  (Total: 16436K Active: 11760K)
> Shared Real Memory:     (Total: 6004K Active: 4436K)
> Free Memory Pages:      79228K
> whereas on other servers, the Real Memory "Active" number seems to match
> the one found in top, on this one it is about 1GB lower.
> A similar machine running Apache on 5.1-R, generally serving smaller
> files, has the same problem in a smaller scale (about 640M even when
> Apache is stopped).
> Are there any other data that I should send to help diagnose this problem,
> or any programs I can run to try and track this stray memory use down?
> - dpk
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