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Chuck Swiger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Peder Blom wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > Add this to your rc.conf: (instead of firewall_type=...):
> > firewall_script="/etc/grog.firewall"
> > 
> > See /etc/defaults/rc.conf !
> While I won't speak against looking at /etc/defaults/rc.conf, setting 
> firewall_type works fine; see the end of /etc/rc.firewall:
> *)
>          if [ -r "${firewall_type}" ]; then
>                  ${fwcmd} ${firewall_flags} ${firewall_type}
>          fi
>          ;;
> -- 
> -Chuck
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Yes, that's the other way of doing it. The mentioning of scripts and the
fact that his file was in the form of a script made me assume that he
wanted to write his own script for setting up his firewall. On second
thought I realize that he might just as well want to do it your way and
define a set of rules to be read in by rc.firewall. (This might even be
the best solution).

I've never done it this way, but in this case I assume that you just
define the rules in  '/etc/ERICS_firewall', thus:

add 100 pass all from any to any via lo0
add 200 deny all from any to
add 300 deny ip from to any
add 600 allow all from any to any

Using your suggestions for rc.conf, of course.

Is this correct?

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