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Hello, my name is Bogdan Faina and I wote you a couple oof times regarding to the HDF5 instalation. I read the notes abot this matter and I tried to install first only the precompiled binaries for freebsd_4.9 but I've fount out that in the ports packages exists the HD5 latest version available so I have updated the freebsd packages and then from ports I did <<<<<make install clean>>>. So that way the computer installed itself the Hdf5. Until here it,s all allright but I don't understand a thing: Why it is not included the fortran90 compiler h5fc.
Please answer me this questions: How can I add the Fortran90 compiler to my actual Hdf5?
What solution exists to this matter?
How can I get some help regarding to the understanding how Hdf5 works?
Can I get a mail adress from someone who uses Hdf5 and is available to explain to me how it works or if it is a forum for Hdf5 users?
I'm a student at Physics and I need Hdf5 to complete my Bachelor Degree and to use it storing data from a program that simulates Crystals Growth.
Thank you for your time and I can hardly wait to hear news from you.

As far as I know, there is no native equivalent of the F90 compilers requested by hdf5's configure program. This is probably why it is disabled by default. (You can quickly hack graphics/hdf5/Makefile to include the cofigure option '--enable-fortran' to check this.)

I know no fortran, so I can't really verify what's f77 versus
f90, but I've read comments stating that 'f77 -ff90' should
compile f90 programs. (No verification and hacking it
directly into the configure program didn't work.)

So far, I was unable to find a free source code distribution
for a f90 compiler, though I imagine it exists somewhere.
There are a number of linux native f90 compilers, but I'm
not sure on run-ability or quality of such a thing.

(One I found: http://www.intel.com/software/products/compilers/downloads/forlin.htm )

Maybe some of the others here can suggest an
appropriate program... (Have homework to do,
otherwise, I'd try some more; maybe later...)

About your general questions, and all, try the site listed
in the pkg-descr: http://hdf.ncsa.uiuc.edu/HDF5/

Hope you get it working,

PS. Please try to break lines at around 80 char.s in the
future (standard for this list).

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