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> Hi,
> Got quota working on another web server and wanted to get it working on a 
> development/shell server that is kinda new. I forgot that i needed /home mounted on 
> it's own like 
> /dev/ar0s4e             /usr/home       ufs     rw,userquota    2       2
> for example but i just have / mounted so now quota is set on /.
> How can i fix this?

You'll have to set up quotas again from scratch on the new partition
-- you can't make the quotas on the root partition extend to cover
/usr/home.  It may be possible to script copying the actual file and
byte limits from what you've setup on the root and copy them into

Turning off quotas on the root partition is pretty simple -- just edit
/etc/fstab to take out the 'userquota' mount flags, remount the root

    # mount -u /

and then delete the quota.user file.



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