Hi all,

I'd especially like Søren to make a advice which ATA-"Raid" Controller on the 
low end to choose.
I tried some based on SIL0680 and was dissapointed, same with HPT370(372) 
Søren has recommended Promise Controllers (since they support FreeBSD 
development) but he didn't make clear what series (S150/TX2000/TX4000/
Of course they are more expensive than a 25$ based SIL680 but if one drive 
fails and the machine panics it's worth spending a little more.
On the other hand I can buy a 3ware 4 port parallel controller for about 200$ 
so in my opinion the promise SX series has no right to exist since 3ware 
always has been the straightedge for me.

I really think this is on topic with questions@, chat@ I think wasn't the 
right place.

Thanks all,


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