if you have a bootebel CD-Rom installed you can get a live CD from 
http://www.freesbie.org/ and boot with it. then you can mount your
root-FS and edit the boot.config file.


On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 13:06:04 +0200
Mike Jackson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
>  I was doing some work on my gateway and decided to tighten up the
> security a bit...
>  In essence, I had "-h" in /boot.config, but I commented it out
>  (because
> I thought that somehow comments would be understood). So, now I have
> "#-h" in /boot.config, which by the way I set the immutable flag on
> according to one unofficial HOWTO I was reading. BTW, the comment in
> the/boot.config was not part of that HOWTO. It was my own lack of
> understanding about how that file is parsed during boot. Yes, I feel
> stupid, but I'm also wondering why the file can't include a comment. I
> think that this a bug.
>  And then I rebooted for some other reason. And now, I can't get past
> the boot: prompt. The #-h is not understood and I can't override it.
>  There are some changes to files which are on that box that I'd like
>  to
> keep, which have been made since the last backup. Is there any way to
> recover from this situation, or is it "re-install" time?
> Thanks,
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