ext J.D. Bronson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I see there is a 5.2.1-RC1 ISO out already??
> Is there anything that states what the difference is between 5.2 and this?
> I had thought 5.2 JUST came out ??

I was sort of surprised about this as well. I cvsup'ed my sources with
the tag RELENG_5_2 and I noticed when it rebooted that I have an even
newer release :-)

I upgraded from 5.0 RC1, and there were some changes in the sysctl
kernel oids. At least the bridging oids are more fine grained, and
caused one of my boot scripts to fail.

5.2.1-RC1 still gives piles of arp warnings when you use an ADSL router
in half-bridge mode. I wish I knew of a way to disable this. For now, I
did some tuning to syslog and fixed it so that junk only goes to ttyv3
instead of filling up /var.

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