"Dnsmasq can be configured to automatically pick
up the addresses of it's upstream nameservers from
ppp or dhcp configuration. It will automatically
reload this information if it changes. This
facility will be of particular interest to
maintainers of Linux firewall distributions since
it allows dns configuration to be made automatic."

Bingo, 100%.  Thanks, Luke.  I owe you a beer...

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On Feb 1, 2004, at 2:24 PM, Edward Carmody wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to replace my Linksys
> router/firewall/nat box with a FreeBSD box...I'm
> in the configuring/testing phase before I put it
> into production...
> My *potential* problem is that my ISP
> (Cablevision) re-addresses their DNS servers
> often.  My question is: is there a way to
> dynamically update the "option
> domain-name-servers" values in dhcpd.conf from
the "nameserver" values 
> my ISP-facing, dhclient-using interface is
writing into "resolv.conf"?
> Or, more simply, how can my DHCP server hand out
> *known-fresh-and-good* ISP dns server addresses
> gathered from the wan-facing dhcp client??  The
> linksys box I have now does this
> ;-)

I don't know if this is a solution that you want
but it works for me. 
Setup DNSMasq on your firewall machine. or
from the ports 
/usr/ports/dns/dnsmasq. Then just point to your
internal IP on your 
firewall as your nameserver. It's quick and
painless to setup and get 
running and seems to work well for small networks.

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