On Sunday 01 February 2004 02:09, mj001 wrote:

> I downloaded and installed 5.2-RELEASE.  KDE comes up with its
> blue background, shows the login dialog, apparently accepts
> the login, but then hangs.  The central splash-screen image
> never appears.
> Any similar experience, suggestions of how to diagnose the
> problem, please? Anything else I can post that would help?

I suppose you're using kdm. Disable it, then create an .xinitrc, with like so:
echo 'exec /usr/local/bin/startkde' > ~/.xinitrc

then type 'startx'.

WARNING: Backup your files when needed and if you fear losing settings, 
consider setting up a virgin user account first.

If this works properly, this narrows down the problem to kdm. If it doesn't, 
then CTRL-ALT_BACKSPACE to stop X and KDE and start x via:
nohup startx

Exit the same way when it hangs and examine nohup.out for errors and oddities.

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