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On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 05:42:27PM -0600, greg wrote:
> I am sorry for asking this question a second time. At the time I was not
> finished the process of signing up to this mailing list and as we all
> know, the web archives have not been updated since Monday.
> I am looking for resources that describe the UFS2 filesystem structure.
> I want to write some code that will pull a UFS2 filesystem back from the
> dead. It has a bad Super Block, and no good Super Blocks can be found.
> However, I sifted through the raw data on the disk, and my data is still
> there.
> Could somebody point me to documentation on this subject. I have tried
> googling through the BSD filter. I recieved no useful results.
> If the tools I write are any good, I will make the source code available
> under a BSD style licence.
> Thank You,
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