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On 2004/02/02 at 23:44 Emmanuel Dwamena wrote:

>Dear friends,
>I need help to set up firewall on my freebsd 5.1 box. I have built new
>with ipfw enabled and is working fine.
>I need to know which of the 3 interfaces do I put the natd and ipfw.
>My freebsd 5.1 box has 2 nic cards. ed0 connects to LAN and ed1 connects
>adsl modem. I use user ppp to setup the connection to the isp who assigns
>dynamic ip address to the tun0 interface. I have no ip address assigned to
>ed1. I have traffc coming in through the tun0 from outside  to the LAN.
>of the interfaces do I use to block unwanted traffic from the internet.-
>or tun0? How do I configure the tun0 interface for the firewall since I do
>not know the interface address before hand? Secondly which interface do I
>place natd?
>If anyone has configured adsl with dynamic ip address assigned to tun0 I
>like to have some info about how it was configured with ipfw.
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