Hey All

Got an odd one here - have set up a few FreeBSD NIS environments and
they've not done this to me before.

FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE NIS master, trying to change password for NIS user on
same machine. One other client - Red Hat 7.3

All works fine, can log in to both machines, can ypcat all the maps, etc.

However when I try and change password on the FreeBSD box I get this:

passwd: failed to change NIS password: RPC: Server can't decode arguments

I've done some reading and even though it shouldn't make a difference
since the same FreeBSD box is NIS server & client I have tried:

changing default password from md5 to des in /etc/login.conf
setting up a /etc/securenets
running rpc.yppasswdd with a "-u"

but no joy.

I have even tried copying yppasswd (which was identical) and rpc.yppasswdd
(which was not) from a working FreeBSD 4.8 system.

Any ideas anyone?

Cheers  & TIA,

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