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Michael Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> granted us these pearls of wisdom:

> sshd2 will do this and if you read the license I believe it is legal to use
> for most users.
> Else you can use sudo to make a ssh chroot.  
> google groups has some explainations of how to do this.
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> Evan Sayer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Does anyone know how to make it so that users can ssh in and get a
> > normal shell or scp in and get or send files but only within their own
> > home directories via chroot?
> The commercial ssh server has that capability built in, but the free
> ones don't, last I checked.  You should be able to hook up jail(8) or
> chroot(8) to the account itself, though...

excuse me if this seems off topic but a quick check over at ssh.com
revealed no obvious links to a downloadable version that would not
require a license. Pray tell where I might find the binaries. I would
like to give sshd2 a run and see if it might fix a problem that has been
nagging at me for a bit.



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