On Jan 29, 2004, at 5:12 AM, Artem Koutchine wrote:


I am looking for supported RAID 5 controller for FreeBSD and
I am very puzzled after reading all the specs and descrioptions.

I haven't found any SATA RAID 5 controller in the FreeBSD
supported Hardware list, but some manufacturer claim they
support FreeBSD.

SO far i have found
1) Promise FastTrak SX4 (around 200$)
2) HighPoint RocketRaid 1640 (aorund 150$ hard to find)
3) EscaladeR 8506 4-port  one (around 500$)

HightPoint and Escalade AFAIK are well supported by FreeBSD.
FreeBSD 4.8 support is promised in Promise :) FastTrak.

I have the Adaptec 2410SA. It supports 4 drives, has its own CPU and 64mb cache, and runs with the aac controller under 5.2. It seems to run pretty well. (Note: this is a totally different beast than the 2400A ATA controller)


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